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Why is a public transport journey not showing up?
Why is a public transport journey not showing up?

Understanding why a public transport journey may not show up, and parameters that can be adjusted if required.

Updated over a week ago

Our public transport model is built on actual timetables, and will only allow a train/bus to be taken if that station/stop can be reached in time for when the service departs.

For example, it may not be possible to walk from the origin to the station in time to catch the specific train, given your chosen departure time, and so that route will not be given as an option.
Or it could be that the route involves more walking than you've allowed - try increasing the walking_time parameter to see if this has an effect.

Alternatively, use the range parameter to add a time window onto the arrival or departure time to capture more possible journeys.
If you believe there is a service/provider who's data is not being included in the results, please contact us at [email protected]

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