How does the Public Transport model work?

Overviewanchor icon

  • We have our own proprietary public transport routing models, built by us from the ground up
  • The models traverse every possible route based on public transport timetables and data gathered from a huge list of public transport agencies
  • Built for true human routing, we incorporate our own walking model to provide door-to-door journey times that represent how people actually travel
  • All combinations of public transport methods are included - bus, coach, train, underground, tram, etc


Where the data comes fromanchor icon

  • Data is at the heart of what we do, and we have a dedicated data team whose job it is to source complete, accurate, up-to-date public transport timetable data, and incorporate it into the public transport model
  • We pull data out of every imaginable source - where GTFS data doesn’t exist, but we can find timetables in other formats, we create our own GTFS data
  • The data is updated at least every two weeks, so it is always right up-to-date
  • We are fully transparent about what data we have and where, including providing an interactive online tool to explore the data in detail:

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For access to our data coverage tool, please contact